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Business Administration (CCCJ)

Early Childhood Education (JBTE)

The Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education provides an intermediate level academic qualification that bridges the gap between vocational qualifications and the Bachelor of Education. Early childhood caregivers may already have a range of skills and experiences in the early childhood field which can be assessed through the prior learning vocational route, but may find that the lack of a formal academic qualification prevents progress in their careers. Studying for an Associate Degree (ASc) places students in tertiary education and will prepare them for increased responsibilities, therefore expanding employment opportunities in early years education.

Environmental Science (LOCAL)

General Agriculture (LOCAL)

General Agriculture - Articulation (LOCAL)

Hospitality and Tourism Management (CCCJ)

The Associate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a variety of options for the student interested in gaining employment in the hospitality industry at an entry level or as a management trainee. The course is offered over a two [2] year period, but students have a maximum of five [5] years within which to complete their studies. Students cover this programme through classroom as well as internship exercises, done in appropriate sectors of the economy. All students pursuing the course are required to complete all specified credits in the programme, unless otherwise exempted [see Prior Learning Document]. Additionally, all students are required to complete two hundred and forty [240] hours of work experience (minimum). Students must also be Team Jamaica Certified and must complete the training for certification in First Aid. This Associate Degree program prepares graduates to compete for various entry-level management careers in the food and beverage management, accommodations and travel and tourism and entertainment industries, depending upon which emphasis is selected. Graduates seek employment in positions with job titles such as hotel/restaurant management trainee, front desk supervisor, food service supervisor, food production assistant, dietary manager, and shift supervisor, assistant manager in hotel/motel/restaurant/institutional operations.

Natural Science (LOCAL)

Social Work (CCCJ)

Veterinary Science (LOCAL)

Agro-Processing and Business Management (CCCJ)

The Agro-processing and Business Management programme is a synergistic mix of courses intended to provide learners with the appropriate educational background and technical skill sets to meet the current emerging and future demands of the food manufacturing industry. Its focus is on the development of functional and enterprising professionals who are able to apply appropriate principles and practices to real world situations and create solutions, through exposure to: 1. Agro-processing 2. Agri-business management 3. Apprenticeship

Early Childhood Education - Transition (JBTE)